a tribute to Maurice Chevalier - starring Gustav Vintas


"Gustav Vintas is a crowd pleaser supreme.

I closed my eyes for a moment,

and found myself living a dream,

a dream of Maurice Chevalier saying,

'Gustav, you are a fantastic entertainer.'

A fascinating slice of show business."

Joe Franklin, WOR RADIO 710AM -- N.Y.C.


"Gustav Vintas' song and spiel solo Merci Maurice,

conveys the charm of, and the lore surrounding,

the legendary Maurice Chevalier."

Jan Breslauer, Los Angeles Times


"A sophisticated,

astonishingly convincing cabaret experience...

skillfully performed."


Alan Raeburn, KCLA-FM - ON STAGE IN L.A.


"It takes Gustav Vintas about 60 seconds

to convince you

that he has an uncanny connection with

Maurice Chevalier.

He brings to life the spirit of a man

who entertained us for 68 years, in Merci Maurice.

Merci Gustav for the experience".

Laurie Lawson, www.electroniclink.com

"Gustav Vintas' cabaret tribute to

Maurice Chevalier

is a loving expression of gratitude.

Vintas brings his own charismatic enthusiasm

to material Chevalier made famous.

He also understands the darker strands in Chevalier's life" .

Sheri Linden, BUZZ Weekly


"Wisely, Vintas doesn't attempt to imitate Chevalier because frankly he doesn't look and sound like Chevalier, but with style, manner, accent and voice,

by capturing the essence and spirit of

Maurice Chevalier, the man and entertainer,

Gustav Vintas IS Chevalier."

Archie Rothman, 4-Front Magazine


 "Merci Maurice is undoubtedly how Maurice Chevalier would have liked to be remembered.

Merci, Maurice. You, too, Gustav."

Larry Jones, Drama-Logue